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“I Cannot always walk into sleep awake” by Veronica Hallissey

This month the Common Thread Give-a-way is trying something new.   Poet and Quilter Veronica Hallissey is going be a guest artist and will be giving one of her books away on Monday June 3rd.  I’ve posted some of Veronica’s poems on my site before, but you can go to her website From an Upper Floor to see  her poetry, prose and her quilted wall hangings.  Veronica’s been writing poetry since the 1960’s.  She’s written two books and has her work published in small press magazines.

So if you think you’d like to win a free copy of one of Veronica’s books,  go to From and Upper Floor on Monday and leave a comment on her blog.  Like always, the winner will be announced on that Thursday.

An excerpt from Small Comfort by Veronica

She did not know the muscle she had
to carry life’s burdens,
nor the control it required to balance it all.
Unknowingly, the ballet performance

was exquisite.

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