Out of Batting

Detail of Kalico Kitty Quilt
Detail of Kalico Kitty Quilt

I wanted to work on my Kalico Kitty Quilt, but realized I ran out of batting.  Luckily, Connecting Threads is having a batting sale (through June 17th)   30% off and free shipping for on-line orders.  I got 6 medium loft all cotton rolls of  Queen size batting for $16 each.  Kalcio Kitty is closer to a twin size quilt, but I don’t want to take the chance of running short.  And I use the extra batting for my potholders.  I have a few scraps of the Kitty fabric left so I’ll be making some more Kalico Kitty Potholders too.

2 thoughts on “Out of Batting

  1. Wondering if this quilt is still available. I am late to the party, ha ha. Very interested in purchasing it. Thanks, Maria Have a relaxing weekend! Luanne

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