Sunday Chicken Dirt Bath

Chickens resting in their dirt bath

The chickens know how to do it, so do the donkeys and sheep and cats.  Some dogs, like some humans aren’t as good at it.  I’m talking about resting, knowing when to stop doing the work of finding food ( or whatever else their work is) and getting out of the heat.  I say some dogs aren’t so good at this because I’ve seen both Frieda and Lenore sit in front of a fire or in a patch of sun panting from the heat and not move to a cooler place.   And some humans, like myself, are really bad at it. Yesterday, so happy to have a hot sunny day to work outside, I was out there for hours, mowing the lawn, digging up gardens and uncovering rock walkways.  By the time I stopped, I was not only exhausted and achy, but sick to my stomach.  Too much heat, too much sun, too much work.

So today, I’m learning from the chickens.  Still feeling the effects of yesterday, I’m not doing much of anything.  I’m wallowing in my own version of the chickens dirt bath.  Resting on the couch with the curtains closed and the fan on reading my book.   But really, isn’t that what Sundays are for.  Today, I feel like it’s not a choice, but next Sunday, I’m going to remember the  chickens and the dirt bath and hopefully make it  a choice.

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