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The Last Bird Sings by Veronica Hallissey
The Last Bird Sings by Veronica Hallissey

Veronica Hallissy is one of those inspiring women.  Now in her 80’s she’s been writing for over 50 years and has published two books and many of her poems in magazines.  A few years ago she started a blog.   We’ve become online friends and I look forward to reading her poems and prose and seeing her quilted wall hangings on her blog From an Upper Floor.

So this month, Veronica is our guest Common Give-a-way artist.  You can win her book The Last Bird Sings, her thoughts, philosophy and the lessons she’s learned in life by clicking here or going to her blog From an Upper Floor and leaving a comment.   If you’re interested in reading an excerpt from her book click here.   The winner of the Common Thread Give-a-way will be announced on Thursday Morning.

You might also want to see some of the other artists in the Common Thread Give-a-way.

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and since Nancy  Bariluk Smith is moving and no longer going to be a part of the Common Thread Give-a-way we have a new Common Thread Artist,   Rachel Barlow and her blog Picking my Battles.

So check out the other artists and see what you might be able to win in the next few months and don’t forget to come back on Thursday and see if you’re the  winner of  Veronica’s Book.

7 thoughts on “Common Thread Give-A-Way Win a Book

  1. Icame to your site via Maria’s also. This book will be prominently displayed for its gorgeous cover as well as the words inside.

  2. Rachel Barlow is amazing. Her writing and illustrations are to die for. I’m so glad she’s coming aboard!

  3. Corrected A woman of kindness and substance a kindred spirit I would love to chat the night away with tea home made cookies. This would be the delight of ones life

    Come to my table
    and sit awhile
    and I will tell you tales
    of years gone by,

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