Mumbles and Laughter Through My Open Window

Jon, Vince, Pat and Jack
Our neighbor Jack, Vince, Pat and Jon Out my window

After they finished working in the pasture the guys hung around their truck under the apple tree talking.  I could hear the mumbles and laughter through my open window.   There was something nice about.  The feeling of friendship.  An ease that comes with having worked well together. I also liked not being a part of it, but being able to witness a certain kind of male comfort with each other and way of communicating,  alien to me, but natural to them.

6 thoughts on “Mumbles and Laughter Through My Open Window

  1. This is great! Even I’m loving watching the guys. Brings me back to my earlier years that I frittered away watching guys. 🙂

  2. Thanks! 🙂 But I had nothing to do with it.I believe we were placed in each other’s path by some higher power. When I was doing the chosing everything always turned to shit. (Did I just say that?)

  3. What fun you have out your window Maria. An ever changing view!! I’ve thought of you and Jon on this trip – I’ve seen lots of border collies, and lots of sheep. haven’t seen them together yet, except one out the train window. I’m in Scotland right now, but head for Ireland tomorrow. I’ll be on the lookout for Red’s extended family!!

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