Just honest or Really honest?

Athena and Mandy
Athena and Mandy at the Round House Cafe

When Nancy’s move to Maine began and she could no longer get together  on Tuesday morning’s for our meeting, Mandy and I continued meeting.   Not always on Tuesdays and not a the Central House, but we were dedicated to keeping it going.  Then, Mandy suggested we invite Athena  Burke to join us.  I  first met Athena at Friday morning meditations  at Mandy’s Practice,  Stairway Healing Arts.  After that first  mediation a few of us got into a conversation and I immediately connected with Athena.  At the time she was just opening her new music studio and performing arts center  The Music Sanctuary in Cambridge NY.  (Athena’s a Devotional Musician and Spiritual teacher, she sings throughout the US but has some local performances scheduled  this summer.  You can see more about her and her work on her blog www.athenaburke.com)

Since then, we’ve seen each other around town, meditated together and drummed together at the Hubbard Hall Drum Circle. But this morning, at the Round House Cafe, I got to know her a little better.   I was delighted and knew Athena would be a great addition to our morning meetings when we were discussing a new idea that Mandy had for her Massage and Meditation Practice.  “So we’re being honest here right?’ Athena asked.  When Mandy and I both agreed that we wanted her to be honest, she clarified  “So just honest, or really honest?”  And then we were off, ideas flew between the three of us.   By the end of the hour I was downloading Athena’s new CD “With Love”  on my iphone  (her first on itunes) and Mandy had a slew of new ideas to think about.   At 9am we all made our way upstairs to meditate.  (Conveniently, Mandy’s practice is right up stairs from the Round House Cafe.)

I’m looking forward to next Friday morning when the three of us will get together again.  And we can be really honest and really encouraging and really helpful to each other.



7 thoughts on “Just honest or Really honest?

  1. The best friendships I have are the “really really honest” ones – where we can be (if need be) brutally honest, but encouraging and loving too. Those friends are the sisters I chose, since I never had any biological sisters. So “really honest” is the BEST! Lucky you, Maria!

  2. Thanks for the introduction to Athena’s music. I love it! Downloaded her album from iTunes and I’m enjoying it right now. I also enjoy your blog, Maria, as well as your art.

  3. That is the wonder of women’s friendships. Women are able to open up and talk to each other. I think that the basis of a true friendship is honesty. You, Athena, Mandy, and Nancy (even though she has moved to Maine) are excellent examples of what honesty and friendship are all about. You share and grow together; you learn from each other and that enables you to give to so many more. It is what has opened you up to new ideas in the multitude of things that you (and they)create. Keep it up. A friendship based on the willingness to be open and honest is the key that opens the door to so many wonderful opportunities.
    Stay dry today and enjoy your world. Jane

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