Come Visit Bedlam Farm

Frieda in my studio
Frieda sleeping with her eyes open

I know it looks like her eye is open, but when I took this picture, Frieda was snoring.  I guess even when she’s sleeping, Frieda’s keeping an eye on things.

Which is just what she’ll be doing when we have our first Bedlam Farm Open House.  Since we moved to the New Bedlam Farm, I’ve been trying to figure out how to have an art show, like the ones we had at the old Bedlam Farm.  My solutions all had to do with building a new gallery or fixing up the one barn we have and making it into a gallery.   Unfortunately, the money isn’t there for a new building and we need the barn that is there to be a barn.  (to store our hay, lawnmower, gardening tools, barn cats,  extra dog crates, etc.).

So instead of trying to replicate what we did before, Jon and I decided to try something new.  On Sunday July 21st and September 1st  between 12 noon and 4 PM, we’re going to have an Open House.  I don’t have all the detail yet, but here’s what we’re thinking.  Jon and Red will do sheep herding demos.  You can meet the donkeys (I’m sure Simon will be braying all day)  and the dogs (well, Lenore and Red for sure) and any of the other animals who decide to show up.   I’ll have my studio open and will be selling some potholders and what ever else I can come up.  And, since there’s no gallery, (my studio is too small to show a lot of art) we’ll have writers reading their work instead.  Jon and his students from his Writers Workshop have agreed to do a reading.  (And I’ll do my best to get the poet Mary Kellogg there too).  And in between the reading and herding and open studio you can have lunch or dinner at Momma’s or visit the quaint Upstate NY village of Cambridge.  There you can see Connie at Battenkill Books (Jon will also be signing books at the farm) and eat  or have coffee at the Round House Cafe and Bakery,  visit the Valley Artisan’s Market, Farmers Market and a bunch of Antique stores and other shops.

So if you live nearby, or are looking for an excuse to take a road trip remember July 21st and September 1st.

I’ll have more detail in the next week or so and I’ll be sure to let you know just exactly what’s happening when, as soon as I can.

17 thoughts on “Come Visit Bedlam Farm

  1. I can’t wait! Remember back in December I sent you a picture of Florence and her siblings standing in front of her school house (which I thought was your studio) and you told me it was in fact a vacation home? I am staying in it Labor Day cool is that? The owner, Ed Miller, told me that he was at Florence’s estate sale and got a bronze horse..he collects antiques, he was so eager to help and spoke highly of Florence.How nice that you are filling the day for your visitors and recommending eats. So excited!

  2. Oh, my word – we will be at Cossayuna then, and so will be able to make this event – how lovely! Now all I have to do is to survive the next two weeks – winding up the school year, packing up my classroom, seeing my youngest graduate from high school and my oldest come home from her year of study abroad. But…I think I will make it!!!:)))

  3. I love this idea Maria!! Your very own community event! I especially love the readings idea, as I was sorry to miss that in May. This will be such fun!!

  4. Wow! What a wonderful idea that you and Jon are doing! A chance to come visit the very wonderful Bedlam farm, and see you and Jon and all the animals, for all those readers and followers of your blogs. It is really a thrill to experience first hand what you read about daily. I came to the pig gallery opening, and for sure will see you at one of these! Looking forward to it, Maria, and thank you!

  5. I was thinking the same about Cindy, would love to meet her! I’ve never been in a “fan club” before, but i can see how neat it is to talk to someone who is as enthusiastic! (sounds better than obsessed..hahaha!)

  6. What a great idea! An open house. How wonderful. Not only will people be able to see Bedlam Farm, but they will be able to meet you and Jon in person. They will see all of the wonderful animals that inhabit the farm and all of the beautiful gardens that you have both created. I think that it is a terrific idea, but more than that you will be giving to the community in which you live because people will be able to visit Battenkill Books, the Round House Bakery, Momma’s, the Valley Artisan’s Market, the Farmhouse Market and all that the village of Cambridge has to offer. They will be able to hear Mary Kellogg read her poetry and be introduced to the writings of the Hubbard Hall Writer’s Workshop. It is a wonderful way to spur the economy of your community. I really think that this is so creative and inviting. I only wish I didn’t live so far away. Maybe Jon could take some videos that he could put on the blog so that those of us who are unable to make the trip could feel like we were there in some fashion. Kudos to you both for such a great idea. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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