Jackie and her Apron Quilt


Jackie got her sister Nancy to pose next to the quilt I made for her and now Nancy got Jackie to pose next to her quilt, Apron Quilt.  I’ve been in touch with Jackie so much about the quilts and potholders I made for her.  I feel like I know her and her family through the clothes I made the quilts from and the note I found in the apron pocket from her Grandma Esther and from the photos and stories she told me and from her blog Quilt of Missing Memories .  Now I finally get to see what Jackie looks like.  She said she may come east for a visit and maybe we’ll get to meet in person.  What a pleasure it’s been, what a pleasure that would be.

4 thoughts on “Jackie and her Apron Quilt

  1. If Jackie comes to the great Northeast, she can’t leave town without me meeting her too. It’s fun to have a cyber friend, but it would be wonderful to meet her in person. Love her Blog. Love the pic of her with the quilt.

    1. We already discussed how you would have to be here when Jackie comes Diane. (guess I just forgot to tell you about it whoops) Wouldn’t think of getting together without you.

  2. I love this picture! Feel like I’ve been out of touch, all this rain knocked out our very iffy satellite internet service!! Glad to be able to read you again, Maria! Annie

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