Singing His Song

donkeys in the pasture

I got into my studio and saw Simon laying down and Fanny and Lulu grazing.   I thought poor Simon, he  lays down a lot, I think his legs bother him.  As I turned away, I heard Simon’s bray.  He was up and running chasing Fanny and singing his song.  I can see why Simon and Jon understand each other so well.  There’s Jon, wiped out from his fever, laying around, suffering and I think, poor Jon, until I turn around and there he is at the computer, singing his song.

Now I know he’s starting to feel better.



10 thoughts on “Singing His Song

  1. Maria, I’m not on FaceBook so I can’t respond to Jon’s post about you but it is to you I want to make this comment. I run a Bed & Breakfast and you were absolutely correct in pushing the hotel on their policy. That is not only bad business practice on their part but bad public relations…(would you go back to a place like that)…AND they were in the wrong. All you were asking was to reschedule your booking, not cancel it. I am glad that you stood your ground, proud of you for doing this and since I’m half-Italian and I think you are something otherwise as well with your geneologic history, tell your genes you’re proud of them too. I used to be a wus when I was younger, no longer am I a wus. I’m glad Jon is up singing to his donkeys. Delerious, maybe, but singing nevertheless. I suspect he’s enjoying being fussed over and attended to. Happy Anniversary for tomorrow. Are you not glad you both found each other.

    SandyP in Southern Ontario, Canada

    1. Thanks Sandy, you got me laughing too, so I appreciate it. I too thought it bad business, small thinking. I’ve worked for a lot of small businesses and I’ve found they are often small thinkers too. It’s something I try to be aware of in my business. Sounds like you do the same. Sounds like we have more in common than just our heritage.

  2. Tell Jon he can rest and feel better. You are doing just fine keeping us updated and sharing photos as well!! I love your comparison of Jon and Simon – very apt! Happy anniversary from Ireland!!

  3. Oh Maria, That’s great news that Jon seems to be doing better. We certainly can worry can’t we? Happy Anniversary you two! Love, Cindy

  4. So I hear. I’ll do my best to bring some of this lovely sunshine back with me! Everyone is amazed at their good fortune to see sun nearly every day here. It rained some yesterday, but the sun is out this morning. I’ve truly been blessed with the weather and many other things!!

  5. Dear Maria, We are so glad that Jon is feeling better in time for your anniversary! Because you two were brought together later in life than most couples, your anniversaries seem more special and more romantic! ENJOY! Annie

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