How to keep your Man

One of the hankies from Susan
One of my favorite hankies from Susan

It was probably a month ago that Susan sent me the box filled with 150 hankies.  They belong to her mom who collected them over the years.  Some are souvenirs others were gifts. Her mom is from Switzerland and many of  the hankies are so completely different from any I’ve seen before.  There’s a bunch that look like they’re from the 50’s with great illustrations.   Some have maps on them and lots have French or German writing.

Even though I’ve had the hankies for a while, I never went through them all.  There were so many and the few I looked at seemed so special, I wasn’t sure what to do with them, they were a bit overwhelming.   But in the past few days, with Jon being feverish (he’s getting better everyday, found out he has Lyme and is being treated for it)  the times I could get to my studio, it’s been hard for me to concentrate.  So sorting through and ironing the hankies has been the perfect work to do.  It slowed me down and focused me enough to design a few scarves.  And it was really fun.

But even more important, (and especially since it’s our Anniversay today) thanks to the “How To Keep Your Husband” hankie, I now know what to do to keep Jon from wandering.  I think “Always look innocent” and “Don’t ever get mad”  are my favorites.

10 thoughts on “How to keep your Man

  1. Sacre bleu!! What is this world coming to? ” Don’t use too much perfume”, scribed en francais??
    What a hoot! The crazy part is that when that hankie was made, these ‘bon mots’ were not in jest; they were to be taken SERIOUSLY. Oy.

    1. Its hard to believe that this is to be taken seriously Cheryl. And yet, there are things in this hankie I inadvertently learned growing up

  2. What a treasure chest of hankies. What you make from them brings them to life….they sure don’t belong hidden in a pocket. Or a box for that matter. They’ve been waiting for your artistic touch. Would love to see more. Happy Anniversary to a lovely couple. So happy to also read/hear someone else relate colors ( thread)
    to candy or something sweet and delicious. I so agree and share that thought. 🙂 xo

  3. Oh Maria! I am smiling to see Moms hankie again and to know it is bringing you joy, which it did for all of us when we went through the box! Believe me, I read through each and every part of this one and I share your sentiment about *always look innocent* !!!!!!!!!!!!
    So happy to hear Jon will be on the mend, thanks to your intuition and good care. Happy Anniversary to you both, it makes me smile to feel through your sharing, how well suited to each other you are. My best to you both always and may you enjoy (I know you already do) each and every day together.
    Much love from California

  4. What good fun this one is!! I like the “always look innocent as well” it is what our dogs do and we love them!! 🙂

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