My “Just in Case”

My broken iphone
My broken iphone

I was one of those people who resisted getting an answering machine.  I didn’t know how to  use a computer until about 6 years ago.  I got my first cell phone in 2008.  I hated the idea of people being about to get in touch with me where ever I was.  The last thing I wanted to  have to do was check my email, getting regular mail made me anxious enough.

But since I got my blog and started my business that’s all changed.  Now I love my computer which connects me to all of you.  I love reading my email, getting  lovely compliments and stories from people I’ve never met.  Getting orders for my work and getting paid through paypal  (who wouldn’t love that?!)   I used to hate technology, was terrified of it, now I love it, my work thrives because of it.  I love my ipad and my iphone.  I just didn’t know how much, until yesterday, when my iphone fell out of my pocket on the wood floor in my office/guestroom and the virtually unbreakable glass, broke.

I wasn’t just upset because I broke it, and wouldn’t be able to use it and would have to replace it.  I was actually sad, as if I had lost a friend.  My iphone had become a companion.  Someone who was always there, with an answer to a question, the spelling of a word (I’m a terrible speller), an email or text, even a phone call.  What if I wanted to take a picture?  Without my iphone, it was just me. I had no idea how dependent I had become.  I used to always carry a book around with me, just in case…But my iphone has become my book, it is a book, it’s almost everything.

Luckily, it’s insured.  (But really, luck has nothing to do with it and Jon has everything to do with it.  I’m one of those people who don’t believe in insurance, but he got it when I wasn’t looking, bless his soul).  And to my amazement, for less than it would have cost to replace the glass, I got a new phone Fedexed to me today!  In one of his waking moments, Jon helped me transfer all my info from my old iphone to my new.   I gently placed my old broken iphone in the small black box the new phone came in and after thanking it and promising it a new refurbished life  as someone else’s phone and companion,  sent it back to Apple.  Jon and I blessed my new iphone and I promised it I wouldn’t drop it.

It’s only been a couple of hours, but I have to admit, I don’t miss my old iphone, my companion, my “just in case”, my almost everything. Maybe I’m not such a good friend after all.  Or may, it’s not what’s on the outside that matters.   After all, the body is really just a vehicle, an important vehicle and one that deserves to be loved and  taken good care of, but isn’t it what’s inside that really counts?

12 thoughts on “My “Just in Case”

  1. Wonderful post Maria! I think you must add writer to all your many talents!! I know I will have a cell eventually …. I must be one of the last holdouts in the country!

  2. Dear Maria, you said it all so well, putting all our thoughts on this subject into words, once again!! Annie

  3. I, too, resisted getting an Iphone. I haven’t had it for very long and look forward to feeling the same way about it that you do about yours.
    Technology was always scary for me. I felt that I came from the era of the covered wagon, but I’m learning. I love my computer, but, truthfully I use it mostly for email. I guess that is okay. When I was teaching and had to take my class into the computer lab, I was truly intimidated. My third graders knew much more than me. They might not have been born with “a silver spoon” in their mouths, but they might have been born with computers.
    The thing that bothers me about I phones, or cell phones, in general is the fact that so many people seem wedded to them, talking as they walk down the street, are on dates, out to dinner–it blows my mind.
    Sometimes I think that they have lost the skills of talking to people face to face and making that human connection. I hope not. I know that letter writing is becoming a lost art and that is too bad.
    Anyway, I am glad that you feel comfortable with your tools of technology. I know they help you with your business and much more.
    Have a great day and I hope Jon is feeling better.

  4. In some circles, broken iPhone screens are a status symbol. There are even screen “skins” you can buy and put over your unbroken glass to simulate cracks, bangs and dings. Didn’t know you were so “au courant” with your mangled iPhone glass, did you? 🙂

  5. Lovely post…

    Sorry I haven’t commented lately–I’ve been reading, but not taking the time to comment. Think I need to slow down and take the time…Robin

    1. Lots of people read without commenting Robin, It’s always nice when people do comment, but not necessary. I am glad to know you’re there.

  6. I love this story Maria! I love when you share little (and big) bits of your life with your readers. Oh, and I love my iPhone too!:)

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