Caretakers Quilt

caretakers quilt 2

Those primary colored calico’s have been sticking out of the box Jill sent them in for a couple of weeks.  I’ve been seeing them 20 times a day and thinking soon, I’m going to use those calico’s soon.  Soon was this afternoon, and boy, did this quilt look different when I started it.  Browns and blues, stiff and dull, dull, dull.  I even got rid of the reds because they were too bright.  Too bright!  Really what does that mean, can a quilt be too bright? (especially with all this rain we’re having)   So I tossed it all aside into a big pile on my floor (it’s still there) and for some reason pulled out that big piece of orange and white paisley and the smaller orange, blue and white paisley above it from my shelf.    I laid the orange paisley on the floor and arranged the calico’s (already cut from the first gazillion versions) and the small paisley piece around it.  I don’t remember what came next, just that it flowed.  I know it’s called Caretaker’s Quilt because that the words that came to me as I was working on it.  I guess I’ll have to think about that.

5 thoughts on “Caretakers Quilt

  1. Maria-

    It was such fun to see those fabric scraps being put to use. It got me scrambling for my old photos to search out the items for which I had used them. Right away I recognized the red strips with the yellow flowers that you used near the edges. I used it to make a maternity top and shorts when I was pregnant with my first child.

    1. I think it’s great Jill that you can look at the photos on my blog and remember the way you used the fabric. It’s nice to know how you used it.

  2. As a caretaker for many years working with elders, “caretaker’s quilt” resonated with me because the variety and diversity of pattern, solid and colors in the quilt reminds me of the uniqueness of the persons we care-who come in all the rich diversity of humanity.

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