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I don’t really keep up with what’s new on Facebook, but this morning Jon told me about their Groups pages.  So I started one. It’s called  Fellow Artists.  I invited some of the artists I know and am hoping that they will invite some more and maybe some of you artists out there will join it.  I’m thinking it could be a comfortable place were artists could post their work and/or talk about it and have conversations with other artists.  Sooo if  you’re a fellow artist and you’d like to check out my new Fellow Artist’s page, here’s a link to it.  I hope to see you there.

2 thoughts on “Join My Facebook Fellow Artists Group

  1. I like the idea Maria – this is a group invite I might just join! I do make beaded jewelry and I’m a photographer of sorts – I certainly take loads of photos that people enjoy. Once I get home and reacclimated I’ll try to post something.

  2. just getting back into drawing i gave up many years ago.Doing dog art is my focus.cats,too,and trees.

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