The Seductive Ladies and Butterflies

Michael's Butterflies 3

So this is where all the jittering inside of me went,  could say I had butterflies under my skin.  They’re gone now.

Lindsay, who sent me all that fabric and the appliques (and much more) that had belonged to Laura Israel, asked I could make a wall hanging for Laura’s son Michael, for his birthday.  Laura once made a pair of pants from the brown corduroy I used as the background and Lindsay asked if I would use one of the “Seductive Ladies”, a good example of Laura’s sense of humor.  I remembered that Michael lives in an old house in Louisiana and studies butterflies.  Every year he hatches hundreds? thousands? of butterflies on his land.  I put in the paint brush to represent his mom, the artist.  The rest I can’t explain.  The blue around the outside reminds me of Delft tiles. And the small blue buttons are probably Victorian.  Some kind of enamel over metal (I’m not up on my buttons) with a tiny chip of shiny in the center.

I’ll back it tomorrow, then send it off to Lindsay.

seductive lady


5 thoughts on “The Seductive Ladies and Butterflies

  1. I know that “butterflies under the skin” feeling, and it does generally turn into something wonderful, if you can only sit still long enough to let it happen. Bravo. I think he’ll love this.

  2. Wow, Maria, you really pulled the lever on that pinball machine and scored well on this creation for Michael. I love it, especially the way the colors work. Each time you complete one of these wonderful creations, I am inspired anew.

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