Breaking Routine

Frieda by my studio
Frieda by my studio

Today’s the first day in what seems like weeks that I woke up and the sun is shining.  There’s an Easter morning chill in the air, but by early afternoon, Jon and I will be in New York City where it could get into the 80’s.   I’m thinking about what to wear that will be comfortable in 60 degree weather and 80 degree weather.  It was a completely spontaneous decision to take a day trip into NYC to see the Hannah Arendt movie instead of staying overnight at an Inn in the country for our Anniversary.  It’s a pilgrimage in a way, Jon’s been talking to me about philosopher Hannah Arendt since I met him.  Her thinking is important to his life the way the Gee’s Bend Quilters are important to mine.   And it’s going to be a wonderful day for a train ride and walk around the city.   We’ll meet Jon’s daughter Emma, a movie lover, and have dinner together afterwards before we catch the train home.

It’s always good to step out of the norm.  The juxtaposition between NYC and home is extreme, but the train ride makes the transition smooth.  Today I’ll spend the day in a few different worlds, breaking the routine of the studio and farm.  I’m excited to do it.

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  1. Dear Maria, I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Of course, it is of my favorite Bedlam Farm dog, and my favorite Bedlam Farm building! In Eastern NY, you folks have been getting more than your share of rain and clouds! Here in the Finger Lakes, we have had enough of it, but much more sun than you have had, and much less rain. Annie

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