Nancy’s Last Day

Athena, Nancy and Mandy
Athena, Nancy and Mandy

Nancy joined me and Mandy and Athena at our meeting outside the Round House Cafe this morning.  It’s Nancy’s last day as manager of the Co-op in Cambridge and her last morning meeting with us.  We  all shared our news of the week and as Nancy spoke, I could picture the caravan of friends in trucks and trailers, moving her and her family to Maine.

Friends have meant different things to me at different times in my life.  I’m just beginning to have them again after losing old friends during my divorce and finding new friends who connect with who I am now.  I’m learning that I have to make the effort to keep in touch, it’s so easy to get caught up in life and work and let potential friendships slip away.   I’m learning when I feel vulnerable to trust.  And to say what I mean, and to accept our differences, not as something that pulls us apart, but as a way to understand each other better.

Even though I’ll miss Nancy,  how fortunate I feel to have been able to get to know her over the past year.   Her moving will only alter the friendship by distance and time but not the connection we made.

6 thoughts on “Nancy’s Last Day

  1. So true. And in today’s environment, it’s so easy to keep in touch with friends near and far, and still be part of their lives in another way. I’ve reconnected with old high school friends through Facebook, and it’s been a wonderful way to rejuvenate relationships I thought were gone.

  2. Maria, you are such a lovely person that I cannot imagine anyone who knows you would give up the privilege of calling you a friend! I wish Nancy well ~ and you are right that the only thing to change will be distance. Maybe you and Jon will find a lovely inn to visit in Maine as well!! Where is Nancy going? My sister lives in Maine and I travel there every summer for a family get together.

  3. Maria, it was through you and your website that I first experienced the beautiful, delicious phenomena of Nancy’s jewelry. A feast for the eyes! You never know how many people were introduced to Nancy through you and will be following her to Maine through her website. Good luck Nancy and thank you Maria!

    1. That’s so nice to hear Lois. They truly are a feast. And that’s the wonderful thing about our websites,no matter where we live we can easily stay in touch.

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