Anne and Her Vintage Hankie Scarf

Anne in her Vintage Hankie Scarf
Anne in her Vintage Hankie Scarf

Anne first posted this photo of her wearing her Vintage Hankie Scarf on Jon’s Bedlam Farm Open Group Facebook page.  She makes such a great model I asked her if I could post the photo on my blog.  She was good enough to agree.

2 thoughts on “Anne and Her Vintage Hankie Scarf

  1. Not too many years ago, I said to my husband: “We don’t need a computer”, so he got one. And I started using his. Then I bought one for myself. Then I got on a quilt chat board; then I found Jon’s blog, Mary Muncil’s and yours, Maria…and now…you folks are all part of my ‘cyber’ life. Looking at the picture with your scarf all I could think of …this wouldn’t have been possible before computers…the scarf is great…the picture is great. What fun.
    Sandy P in Canada

    1. I know Sandy, It’s made my life the way it is possible. And the connections I make with people amazes me. I think it’s bigger that I know.

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