Minnie on the Mower

Minnie on the Mower
Minnie on the Mower

In the afternoon we feed the cats in the barn, otherwise the chickens will chase them away from their food on the porch and eat it all.  Minnie loves to spend time on her porch rocker, but around 3pm ,feeding time, she’s usually in the barn sitting on Florence’s old lawn mower.

(This too will soon be a potholder and is Sold. for sale for $20 + shipping. )

2 thoughts on “Minnie on the Mower

  1. This is priceless Maria!! Have you ever thought about a children’s book using the beautiful embroidery on your potholders? You and Jon could collaborate on it perhaps? These potholders about the cats and chickens just seem to lend themselves to the idea.

  2. Dear Maria, ALL your Minnie potholders are adorable! I love Candy’s idea about the children’s book. Annie

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