Minnie Potholders for Sale

Minnie in the tree
Minnie in the tree Sold

Every once in a while I’ll catch Minnie sitting in a tree. Once or twice Frieda chased here there, but mostly,  I think it a good place to hunt from.  She likes to sit on fence posts too.

This, along with the rest of the pieces below will soon be potholders.  They are all Sold.  for sale for $20 each plus shipping ($5 for one or more in the US and $10 in Canada) I you see any you like, just let me know.  You can email me here or at fullmoonfiberart.com.  I take checks and paypal.

Minnie Want to Be Everyone's friend
Minnie Want to Be Everyone’s Friend Sold


It’s true that Minnie is still trying to make friends with everyone on the farm and so far she seems to be (mostly) working it out with Flo and the hens.  Yesterday I saw her sitting next to the planter on the porch as if she thought maybe it would be her friend.

Minnie and Flo having tea
Minnie and Flo having tea  Sold
Minnie and the hen having Tea
Minnie and Hen having Tea Sold



Luxury Cats
Luxury Cats Sold

Minnie and Flo have been spending lots of time laying around on the rockers on the porch.  I don’t see them doing much work.

Minnie and Flo's weekend
Minnie and Flo’s weekend SOLD
Minnie in the Garden
Minnie in the Garden SOLD

Now that the flowers are growing the cats and chickens find them a new place to explore


Hens in the garden
Hens in the garden SOLD






14 thoughts on “Minnie Potholders for Sale

  1. Maria – I would like to buy “Minnie wants to be everyone’s friend! Is it still for sale? Marilyn

  2. Maria, I love how you are always birthing new projects, new ideas, new ways of using your art. I love the “Minnie” and the “chicken” series. You create art out of the every day. You first need the eyes to see art in the ordinary. You encourage me to put my own art eyes on and see whats around me with new vision. The poetry and art of daily life.

    1. What a great way of seeing it, “putting your art eyes on”. And you’re so right Lois, I am very interested in the art of everyday life.

  3. Oops, I hope I didn’t miss out on this. I would love to have Minnie and Flo having tea, Minnie and Flo’s weekend and Minnie in the Garden.
    I just love those cats; they are so exceptional and amusing. I hope they haven’t all been sold.
    Have a wonderful day.

  4. I just love you chicken designs. Every time I see you made a chicken on your potholders it makes me laugh and smile because they are just so darn cute. I hope you have some for your open house. When will that be again? I really want to try to get there.

    1. The open houses are on Sunday July 21 and Sunday September 1st from 12-4. Hope to see you there Audrey. and Yes, I plan to have some chicken and barn cat potholders.

  5. Maria, I am so looking forward to seeing you and Jon in September at theopen house. What a treat you have given us. I personally loved the Flo and Minnie have tea potholder, but if you are sold out I would lovae anything along that vibe.

    Also, where and how do I get directiont odrive there from the Jersey Shore?

    Can’t wait to talk to you

    Be happy


    1. It will be nice to see you at the open house Donna. For you and everyone else, I’ve posted information and our address on my Events page of my blog. We’re easy to find on a map (were on State Route 22 just north of the town of Cambridge) or to google or GPS. The address is 2502 State Rt 22 Cambridge NY 12816. see you soon!

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