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Frieda and my Butterfly Quilt
Meet Simon, Fanny and Lulu

Come visit the new Bedlam Farm.  On Sunday July 21st and September 1st we’re opening up the farm to all of you.  Come and see Jon and Red herd my sheep.  Come and see my sheep, Zelda, Tess, Ma, Suzy and Socks. Meet the donkeys and Red and Lenore and maybe even Frieda.  Then visit my studio.  I’m going to clean it up transform it into a gallery (kinda) I’ll be selling some of my work and some of Kim Giffords photos and notecards (see her work on her blog Pugs n Pics).  I’ll also have Jon’s notecards for sale and some of his photos.  There may be a couple of more artists, I’ll let you know as I know.

We’ll also have the students from Jon’s writers workshop reading some of their work.  And who know what else we’ll think up by the time July 21st rolls along.

For more details visit my Events page.  Hope you can make it!


8 thoughts on “Visit Bedlam Farm

  1. A friend of mine loves reading Jon’s books and when I told her about the open house she asked right away to go! Another friend is planning on it as well ~ we are really excited about it. It sounds like an absolutely lovely way to spend a summer afternoon!!!

  2. Hmmm
    We are free that weekend!
    I assume that visitors dogs will not be welcome.
    This will not thrill John but we do have good care situations for all three.
    Just need a firm answer on this matter so we can go ahead and plan to, I hope, come!

    1. Well, you’re right about the dogs Jo-Anne, but I would love to meet you! And I hope you see the correction on the date it’s not Sept 21st but September 1st.

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