Pink Sneaker Potholders


Wendy Davis' pink sneaker
Wendy Davis’ pink sneaker

When I read about Wendy Davis, the Texas Legislator who filibustered for 13 hours I was inspired.  Here’s this woman, a single mom who got herself through collage and into Harvard, literally standing in her truth.  For 13 consecutive  hours  Wendy Davis not only stood on her on her feet, but talked about the issue of proposed abortion restrictions, without a break, never leaning against a table, not eating, not going to the bathroom.  I felt what she did was heroic.  I’m a believer in standing in my truth and Wendy Davis touched on one of my truths.  So when I saw that she was wearing pink sneakers though the whole thing, my muse kicked in.

Today I’ll spend the day making Pink Sneaker Potholders   (I can see by this mornings news, I’m not alone, the pink sneakers have already become a symbol).  My goal is to make 10, but I’ll see how many I can get done.  I’ll be selling them and donating a portion of the proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

19 thoughts on “Pink Sneaker Potholders

  1. GO MARIA!!!!

    I love Wendy Davis and she is an inspiration to me – we are strong and we are smart and I do and will continue to support Woman’s rights and Planned Parenthood! Bring on the potholders! I will take one!


  2. Love the idea Maria. Would you put me down for one? I’m in Texas and she is definitely my new hero, not just MY new hero, but hero to many.

  3. I would love one of these pot holders. I worked at a clinic and volunteered for Planned Parenthood. Such worthy causes! Wendy Davis is an inspiration. Thanks for commemorating her historic stand!

  4. Please put me down for a pink-ped potholder too! I loved her quote: “Lawmakers, either get out of the vagina business or go to medical school.” ~ Wendy Davis.

  5. I should like to buy a potholder please, pretty please.
    I am married to a gentle, 5th generation Texan and have lived in Austin for several years in the past.
    It looks as if Ann Richards has a worthy successor in the legislature.
    The cushion you made for me not is a personal inspiration and I want to give the potholder to my daughter whose husband, only 56 years old, has just gone through quadruple heart bypass surgery in rural Central Texas. She would be a woman after your own heart–they live deep in woodland, near the tiny city of Caldwell, surrounded by pets including 7 parrots, all handed on by vets when their owners could no cope with such demanding birds.

  6. Bravo Maria!
    Please add me to the list for a pink sneaker potholder.
    My mother was a founding member of a Connecticut chapter of Planned Parenthood, and I am a champion of womens reproductive rights.

  7. Maria, I have plenty of potholders but I would sure buy one of these in a second. Wendy Davis speaks for all of us from her state of Texas. She needs our voices to stand beside her. I will think of your sewing machine singing today. 🙂

  8. I would be proud to give this as gifts to my favorite women in my life.
    I would love to purchase 5 if at all possible.
    Thank you for making your belief known.
    It’s really the only way change will happen…public support.
    I love your blog, thank you.

  9. Well, actually, I had a terrible experience at a Planned Parenthood Clinic back in 1980. There was a big sign outside their establishment that said FREE PREGNANCY TESTS. I thought I might be pregnant and had my 5 yr. old daughter with me. I parked and was met by a plainly dressed woman who begged me not to enter. I could see how earnest she was, but kindly. “Please don’t go in there”, she said. “They are doing abortions.” “Well, I really just want the free pregnancy test”, I replied and walked on, although I felt uncomfortable. As my daughter and I climbed the stairs and started to enter, me with my little specimen in a jar in a paper bag, three women hurtled through the door, charging at us and shouting “Get out here–we have women in here for abortions and we do NOT want them to SEE a child!” My daughter was so frightened, she began crying and we hurried off. Later all I could think of was “So this is choice? What if a woman in there did see a child and changed her mind. Would that not be HER prerogative? Her CHOICE? This hits a bit close to home for me. My grandmother and her mother tried to abort the baby she conceived out of wedlock in 1921. I understand the shame of it, but sometimes we do not know what is best for us in the end. Also I unapologetically believe that human life is sacrosanct. My grandmother would have aborted the only child she would ever bear. I wrote about it at http://www.stickhorsecowgirls.blogspot. It is titled “He Wasn’t Wanted”. Wendy Davis is no hero to me. My 27 year old daughter IS though–she bore an illegitimate child at great sacrifice and he is the light of our lives. So many people told her to abort him –even her boss. Like this is THEIR family? Their flesh and blood? I think of all the female babies aborted in China and it makes me wonder where all the champions of women’s rights are on that? All I hear is Silence.

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