Flo Gets What She Wants

flo on porch

When Flo isn’t terrorizing Minnie, or sharing her breakfast, (who can figure cats out)  she’s often staring in the back door or window. I’m not sure what she wants, maybe some after breakfast affection.   She surprising cuddly when she want to be.  Minnie, having eaten, has retired to her rocker for the day.

9 thoughts on “Flo Gets What She Wants

  1. That is the same way that our Ms G stares at us and usually she wants attention, a lap or to be played with. Sometimes it is unnerving, but it always evokes a smile. The feline mystique at work.

  2. And who could resist that stare, anyway?
    It has been my experience that, sooner or later, cats ALWAYS get what they want. And the dogs are STILL trying to figure out how they do that…!

    1. They’re getting there Pam. But it’s true, they are old friend names. Minnie after Jon’s grandmother and Flo after Florence who lived in our house before us.

  3. When she stares in the door or window, maybe she’s waiting for someone to come out and pay attention to her, or maybe she wants to come in. Have you or Jon ever opened the door for her to let her in? If so, how did she react? Is she totally an outdoor cat, or would she take the next step in if you offered it?

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