Let the Mini Cupcakes and Fun Begin

minnie and flo

Minnie and Flo are on my mind.  When Jane emailed me and was disappointed that the Minnie and Flo having Tea Potholder that I made had been sold, I told her I’d make another one  for her.  Then Jane told me how she was “big on tea with little finger sandwiches, scones, cookies and mini cupcakes.”  Oh how I loved to hear that.  I had High Tea once.  Three hours of sitting in a basement tea house in Greenwich Village eating tiny sandwich, after tiny sweet thing, after tiny sandwich.  I could have sat there for three hours more.   So when I made the potholder for Jane, I knew Minnie and Flo would have to have some tiny pink cupcakes at least.

When I first start working at the beginning of each day, I’m always a bit nervous.  Maybe today will be the day I have no more ideas, or can’t make them work.  Than, at some point, I start having fun.  It usually doesn’t take long.  Today it only took one Minnie and Flo Potholder and some tiny cupcakes for the fun to begin.

6 thoughts on “Let the Mini Cupcakes and Fun Begin

  1. Nice! I love having tea. I used to have one every year at Christmas or on Valentine’s Day. I’d invite my girlfriends and we’d sit around eating cucumber sandwiches, tarragon chicken salad sandwiches, scones and other sweets along with pots and pots of tea. We’d talk and laugh and talk and laugh until we were crying and our sides ached. I think it may be time for another tea.

  2. LOVE this Maria!!! Here is an idea (just incase you ever run out, which I highly doubt!)… 2 potholders… Donkey Love.. Simon (or just his beautiful ears) on one and LuLu and Fanny on the other.. with Hearts (donkey love)… I would order a pair of these in a heart beat, and have a feeling others would too! I love everything you do. And send you a picture soon… watch your e-mail.. 🙂 ~ Lesleigh Ann

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