Hankie Curtains?

Joan's sister's Hankie Curtains
Joan’s sister’s Hankie Curtains

Joan sent me this photo of curtains her sister made with some Vintage Hankies.  What a beautiful thing to see the light come through.  A few other people sent me some things they did with Vintage Hankies.  For some reason I didn’t save the photos, but there were angels and a quilt that I remember.

6 thoughts on “Hankie Curtains?

  1. They are beautiful, Maria, what a good idea. I wonder if people actually manufacture hankies any more. I wonder, too, if there is any fiine cotton such as the cotton used in those old hankies. I remember my mother always buying hankies at Christmas time and giving them away as gifts. How I wish I’d had the forsight to know then what I know now. They are made with the finest of cottons and I don’t think that’s even available these days…or is it? Very pricey, I would guess
    Sandy P. in Canada

    1. I’ve seen new hankies for sale Sandy, but I don’t know about the quality of the cotton. The one’s I’ve seen seem to be more of a novelty item.

  2. Interesting because we saw a lot of this in Canada. Often pretty hankies or cloth napkins were sewn in Diamond Shapes into Valences for windows. In Canada they are so resourceful and use and recycle amazing things. 🙂

  3. These are pretty ~ I like how the light plays through them. Just like your scarves hanging on the porch!

    To Sandy, I saw hankies for sale when I was in Ireland, but they were linen and very pricey indeed! It was tempting to get some for a scarf, I’ll admit, but I decided that wouldn’t be in my travel budget!

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