Pink Pig Potholder

Drawings for pig potholder
Drawings for pig potholder

Last week Maureen wrote asking for two of my Pink Sneaker Potholders.  One of the potholders she wanted was already sold, so I told her I’d make another like it for her.  She also asked if I would be willing to make her a Pink Pig Potholder.  It seemed out of context, except for the pink part, but I considered it.

Actually, I’ve been thinking about pigs since our neighbors pigs escaped from his yard and Jon another neighbor and I helped round them up and get them back home.  (If you haven’t already you can see photos and read about the pig escape here) I even woke up the next morning thankful that the pig didn’t get into our garden.  So pigs were on my mind, I was even thinking of doing a pig piece, loosely about the incident.  I’ve always found pigs to be interesting creatures, but haven’t spent any time around the.  I’ve heard pigs can be mean, but I thought our neighbors pigs were pretty easy going.  I kinda liked them.

Then there’s their noses, like a cats tail, they seem to have a life of their own.  And those little feet, which seem delicate compared to the rest of the pig.  It always looks to me like they are walking on high heels.

And this all comes back to Maureen’s request for a pink pig potholder.  Obviously more intrigued by the idea than I admitted to myself, I agreed to it.  And this is how it goes.  Since I don’t have a pig in front of me, I went to Jon’s blog and pulled up the photo’s of your neighbors pigs. Then I did a few sketches to get the basic pig characteristics down. The slope of the nose, mouth and chin.  The pudgy legs, (even though the real pigs have very muscular legs, they just didn’t look right on my pig)  and high heeled hoofs. Once I’m pretty comfortable with that, I take it to the sewing  machine.

Pink Pig Practice
Pink Pig Practice

And when I get bored I try out the real thing.  And as you may have seen with my other work, the drawings evolve.   As I get more comfortable and relaxed doing them they  too have an ease to them.  Hopefully they get better and better, so the first one I make will never look like the latest one.

Maureen's Pink Pig Potholder ready to be assembled.
Maureen’s Pink Pig Potholder ready to be assembled.

10 thoughts on “Pink Pig Potholder

  1. I always enjoy reading about the creative process you experience when you make your artful fabric pieces. The pig is adorable. My only experience with a pig was Finnegan, the mini pig of a friend of mine. She would walk him on a leash. He lived in the house. He even appeared on Today show. I guess, like people, they all have different personalities.

  2. I can’t believe it. A pink pig potholder with lots of pigs on it. I really truly would like one. I collect pigs. Actually, it started with my dad who expressed his frustration with something by saying, “some people are pigs!” I think it arose out of his seeing some kind of injustice being done. Anyway, any time anyone in the family or a friend of his went on a trip, shopped, or whatever, he was sent, or given, a pig of some sort. When he passed away, I became the keeper of the pigs. When I was teaching, my students found out about my pig passion and I was always given a stuffed animal pig, painting, notecards, pillows–whatever they thought I would like. The house is full of pigs; dishes, oven mitts, crystal, any kind of pig that could be found. I love them. My class and I even celebrated National Pig Day.
    There really is such a thing.
    As I have a huge collection of children’s books about pigs, each child was given one to read, evaluate, illustrate and share with the class.
    You cannot imagine the number of versions exist of the Three Little Pigs!!!!!
    One of my very favorite books is E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. I can’t think of a better book to illustrate friendship and how to look at look at the world though the eyes of these wonderful creatures; that includes Charlotte, the spider, who truly understood life.
    Maria I would love a pink pig potholder filled with pigs. It would hold a great deal of meaning for me.
    I’ve done some drawings of pigs. I’ll try to figure out how to photograph one and email it to you. That will be a new lesson for me on how to use my computer. Have a wonderful day. Jane

  3. So cute!! I like the one with lots of pigs because it looks like the story of the Great Pig Escape!! 🙂

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