A House Coat and Old Quilt

Melt My Heart
Melt My Heart

I was able to get the true color of this piece when I took it outside and photographed it.  I used the same border on another pillow  (There’s a Garden inside of me)  It comes from an old quilt top that Jon bought for me.  I was able to salvage enough of what was left, and cut around the holes, to have just enough for this border.  The pink/peach that I used for the ground is from a house coat from the 1040’s.  I left the hem line in on the right.  I’ll finish making it into a pillow on Monday.

4 thoughts on “A House Coat and Old Quilt

  1. That is strikingly beautiful and the fabric glows. The border is the perfect use for that lovely old quilt. Congratulations on this, MAria. Love it.

  2. Maria – this thank you is long overdue. I actually have a letter to you on my desk that hasn’t been mailed because I didnt have an address. I posted the picture of my first quilt on Open Group today. I would never have had the courage to make that quilt without inspiration from you. I’m sure you get hundreds of emails a day regarding your art but I wanted you to know that your story and your art really touched me. It took 58 years but I finally learned to sew and I made a quilt. I think of you every time I sit down at my machine.

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