Melt my heart and Let my Path Be Soft

melt my heart

The words came to me in my Yoga class the other night.  Melt my heart and let my path be soft.  I hoped I would remember them.  This morning they came back to me and I needed to put them into a piece.   This is what they became.

6 thoughts on “Melt my heart and Let my Path Be Soft

  1. Maria, I love your streaming pieces, each with their own beautiful and unique designs. One element flows into another in a cascade of delightful images. I did not see the beautiful and powerful bird’s head at first. I always feel like I am falling into a sea of discovery as I “enter the world” of your streaming pieces.

  2. Are you a Carly SImon fan? Read this and the song came instantly into my mind…”melt my heart, Tranquillo, you melt my heart…” “let it go, let it go, let it go..”

    1. Carly Simon keeps coming up. I don’t know most of her music,only the popular stuff. But these things are in the air I’m convinced.

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