Getting Ready for July 21st on Bedlam Farm

Quilt Top Potholders
Quilt Top Potholders for the Bedlam Farm Open House

So Kim, who assembles my potholders and Vintage Hankie Scarves, the woman who told me she wasn’t creative, even though she’s been sewing her whole life, came up with a great idea.  She suggested that at the Bedlam Farm Open House (really open Farm, our house will not be open) on July 21st, I let people choose the hankies they would like in a scarf and sew them together on the spot.  I liked her idea even better when she said she would be willing to do the sewing.  Kim is an assistant manager at the Cambridge Co-op and thinks more communally than I do.  “It will also be a demonstration” she said, “so people could see how the scarves are made.”  I could see it.  Kim in my studio,  a few ( I say a few because my studio isn’t all that big)  people watching as she sews together a scarf with hankies that one of those people just picked out.  And on the antique wooden drying rack next to her are a bunch of scarves we made the week before, ready made, you might say.  I like it.

I  also like that Kim would be a part of the day too and get to meet some of the people who have scarves and potholders she helped make.  Some uncreative people are very creative.

So come to Bedlam Farm on Sunday July 21st between 12 and 4pm.  Buy a Vintage Hankie Scarf (if it’s really hot you’ll have to use your imagination when it comes to the idea of wearing a scarf) or just watch Kim make one.  Click here or go to my Events page to get all the detail about Sunday, July 21st at Bedlam Farm.


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  1. Or even tie one on a ponytail!! I’m hoping to get one on the day ~ this is so exciting! It’s like your very own country fair

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