Dressing For Comfort

pink sneaker

I just finished filling my Pink Sneaker Potholder orders (designing them anyway, they still need to be assembled) and when I looked though my pile of potholders and came to this one she reminded me of me.  Her pink sneakers and blue socks don’t quite match the rest of her.   I think this is often the case with me, the things I’m wearing being slightly off.   I tend to dress for comfort, although I find that, if say, my socks match my shirt, it irks me and I’ll have to change one or the other.  I guess I grew up on the tail end of the age of shoes matching handbags and am still rejecting it.  So  I don’t know how anyone else will feel about it, but the pink and blue with the rusty colored dress is just about right for me.  Especially since the dress looks pretty comfortable and we know the sneakers are.

6 thoughts on “Dressing For Comfort

  1. My father would tell you it’s the artist in you that makes you do that. Everything perfectly matched is not creative, and creative spirits don’t like to be boring! 🙂 Life is supposed to be fun after all!!

  2. This is so darn cute, oh obsessive one. I would never match my socks to any of my clothes. I never wear two shades of the same color. Even flip flops must be a different color than anything I have on. If we both walk out of the house with the same color shirts on the rule is, he must go back in and change.
    Cheers, fellow obsessive

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