Fran’s Mini Gardens at Bedlam Farm

One of Fran's Mini Gardens
One of Fran’s Mini Gardens (with potted plants from her mini nursery to the left)

How surprised I was when my sister Fran sent me some photos of her mini gardens.  She told me she was making them, but when I actually saw them, I was enchanted.  This is a place where fairies could live.  Fran has been a fan of miniature worlds for a long time.  A few years ago, I even made her a mini potholder.  But her gardens were something different.  And I knew how serious she was about them when,  just a day or two after sending me the photos she started a Facebook page called Fran’s Mini Gardens.

By the time I invited Fran to bring her Mini Gardens to the Bedlam Farm Open House, I was no longer surprised when she eagerly agreed.  Her reaction was familiar, the same reaction I often have when I’m invited to show my work.  Excited, nervous and already thinking that she wanted to make more mini gardens, planning them in her head as we spoke. I was picturing them just outside my studio door amongst the Hostas, fairies flitting from one to the other.

So come to Bedlam Farm on Sunday July 21st from noon to 4pm and meet my sister Fran (and maybe even a fairy of two)  and enter the worlds of  her mini gardens.  And if one of them calls to you, you’ll be able to buy it, take it home and have a mini garden of your own.

Detail of mini garden with St Francis
Detail of mini garden with St Francis
Mini Garden with The Goddess Diana
Mini Garden with The Goddess Diana


12 thoughts on “Fran’s Mini Gardens at Bedlam Farm

  1. OMG, Maria! I LOVE these. They are darling and mesmerizing all at the same time. Beautiful work. I see creativity definitely runs in your family. I wish I could come to see them on the 21st. I think they will be a huge hit. Fran might do well to prepare herself for an onslaught of orders!

    Have great fun! Hopefully, I will get to meet you someday.

  2. What fantastic little gardens. How creative and imaginative….. I could just keep looking at them…..

  3. I love the idea of mini gardens and I think I need at least one. Sadly I won’t be able to come to the open house but perhaps if I look at the photo I can sort of duplicate it…though fairies probably won’t be included!

    1. No Donna, I think you’ll have to conjure up your own fairies. Although I’m sure they’d be happy to live in your own mini garden.

  4. I am about beside myself with how much I love these, have looked and looked at them. Thank you for sharing these photos. The detail and color and arranging and creativeness…. I could go on an on . Have I said I really really love these? And those itty bitty plants. Oh my.

  5. I have already been in touch and told her what a wonderful idea she has. Some of us don’t have a lot of space and I do a lot of planting in containers. This gives me some more ideas for my pots. She was very kind when I sent her a message the other day. Must run in the family.

  6. These are very sweet and beautifully done. (I looked at Fran’s Facebook and thought I saw Freida in the background of one of the pictures!) What a terrific addition to your open house. Best of luck to you all–hope it’s a lovely day.

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