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When Athena showed up I pulled up my website on my iphone so she and Kim (Kim who sews my potholders and will be sewing scarves at the Bedlam Farm Open House) could see the banner across the top of it.   We sat at one of the big tables at the Round House Cafe in Cambridge.  Mandy couldn’t make it and Kim and I were talking potholders and scarves.

Last week when Athena and I met we each promised to get something done that we were avoiding.  Athena would email the people on her mailing list to let them know about her Concert in Varick Park this Sunday and I would go on Vistaprint and  check out what I  needed to do to make some new business cards.  I only have a handful of  business cards left, the blue ones with my Studio Barn in the light of the full moon.  I want to use my new banner on new business cards, but have a great reluctance to get the process started.  I know it’s easy enough, I’ve used Vistaprint before, but it’s one of those things  I’m not comfortable with and can find a million reasons to avoid.

So last night,at the last possible moment,  knowing we were getting together this morning, I went onto Vistaprint and just looked around.  That was all I had to do, just go on the site and check it out.  But I found, once I was there, my curiosity took over.  Soon I was looking through the business card and postcard designs (Special limited time offer 100 postcards for $10!) trying out photos from my Aperture program and realizing I needed a professional photographer to take a high resolution photo, mine were too blurry. Lucky me, I just happen to live with a professional photographer.  (In the past this would have really hung me up,  I guess I married well.)  So I was done.  I could go to our meeting and say I did what I wanted to do.  I turned off my computer for the night and picked up my book.

Both Athena and Kim agreed I should use the part of my banner that reads Full Moon Fiber Art not the drawing next to it, for my business card.  I’ll have my name, email and website just below the words. For next week, I said I would create and order my new business cards.  Now I’m excited to get started, but I have to finish some potholders first.  Maybe I’ll get to it over the weekend, but before next Thursday for sure.

7 thoughts on “New Full Moon Fiber Art Business Cards

  1. That’s pretty exciting Maria! I like Vistaprint too ~ it’s fun to shop around and see all the cool things you can do. I’ll look forward to your “new look!”

  2. Maria,
    I like your new business card but I am also happy to own one of your beautiful old ones. It has a contemplative almost zen like feel and I have it resting against a light stoneware jar on a shelf that has other pottery in shades of blue. I live in the Hudson Valley and your card reminds me of our lovely night landscapes and it also reminds me to invite creativity into my own life (you inspire me) So you see.. there are many associations for me with your original card. That being said your new card is so colorful and so fun and reminds me of your own evolving and many faceted artistic journey.

  3. To be honest, when I hear of Vistaprint, it makes me crazy! 100 postcards (color I assume) for $10? My husband and I own a printing business and we offer 4-color digital, antique letterpress and offset and we absolutely cannot compete with an on-line deal like that. Yet we employ people with good wages who live in town and contribute to the community, we give personal customer service, we pay property taxes and buy locally ourselves. Is there a local printer in your area? I know you and Jon believe in supporting local businesses so why not locate a local printer and see what they offer, compare prices, etc., but remember that that money will stay in your community. Where does the Vistaprint money go? I’m sorry if I sound strident, but I do feel strongly about this. Community and sustainability will help to carry us through whatever is coming our way. Sometimes we have to pay more money to buy locally but that money “pays it forward” over and over.

    1. I can certainly understand how you feel Becky and I do believe in going local when I can. I appreciate your speaking your mind. I would also like to no have to do it all myself. I have enough to do.

  4. i love the business cards from! they are probably a lot more expensive than vistaprint, but….just an option to throw out there….love your work and your truth!

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