Love That Comes With An Open Heart

Jon and Red Sheep Herding
Jon and Red Sheep Herding

Jon and I are leaving the farm for a day to celebrate our Wedding Anniversary.  In my life before Jon, I was not a great fan of men in general.  I knew few nice ones and was surrounded by relationships that seemed to be bound by something other than love.  As I found love with Jon  and became happier with my life, I began to meet and hear of couples who were actually in love with each other.  Some were second marriages, others had been together for 40 years or more, but the love was true.  I began to meet more and more kind and good men, men I never knew existed.  I realize they were always there, but when I was unhappy and unloved and closed up, I just couldn’t see them.  So when Jon and I celebrate our Anniversary, we’re celebrating not only our love, but the love that comes with an open heart that reaches beyond the two of us and wraps it’s arms around all who choose to enter it.

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  1. I wish you a wonderful anniversary celebration and a great year to follow. This is from my heart. After an unhappy first marriage (although it gave me two beautiful children)many years into a perfect second marriage and then two years of widowhood when I had the adolescent freedom I missed by marrying at the age of twenty, I am now 37 years married again to my prefect partner in almost everything and our disagreements are the spice of living together.

  2. Thank you for this, Maria. I would like to believe this and will try to wrap my brain around it. What is an open heart and how do you get it? I am in a crisis as my partner of 17 years has left me. He is the love of my life. I cannot bear to think of going on alone. I am a senior so there are no other chances for me.

    1. I do believe there are other chances for you Trella. Just look at what Marcia wrote. And I’ll bet there are lots of seniors out there (I know of quite a few) who have found love again. I always want to shut down when I get hurt, and it’s normal to do for a while, I think. I can feel my heart opening when it happens or when I choose to make it happen. It’s work, but I breathe into it and picture a flower blossoming and then I feel it. When my heart is open, I am open to what is around me. Best of luck to you in finding your happiness once again.

  3. Beautiful post, Maria. It took me many years and 3 previous marriages to find a wonderful loving man, as well. Well worth the wait.
    Hoping your celebration in MA will be wonderful. I know it will be!

  4. You know……that was just a beautiful thing to say and read. Happy anniversary.
    By the way, I’m lucky enough to be in one of those 40 plus year relationships….and it’s turned my life around.

  5. This brings tears to my eyes, Maria. As someone who is deeply in love with her hubby of 34 years. And of losing my uncle today who was do deeply in love with my aunt. Life is so fragile and precious. I’m so glad to know you have the love of Jon and he of you.


  6. Wishing you and Jon, all that true love brings. My husband and I just celebrated our 50th Anniversary July 6th and we still love each other.
    We wish you the same.


  8. I love to read about your happiness and the love that you and Jon share. The ‘Open Heart’ is just a perfect way to express that feeling that so many of us have had (or not had)!! When we are living a life that is filled with of negativity, hurt feelings, sorrow, and depression, we fail to see how many wonderful, beautiful things are happening around us. Thankfully I was also able to find that beautiful person to share my life with and with that I wake up each morning and go to bed each night knowing that whatever ‘troubles’ may come and go, we have each other to get through it. The sun seems to shine each day no matter what the weather holds. Congratulations on your anniversary – and for all of you who wish to find happiness, I’m with Maria…Open your heart and be yourself. Find a FRIEND and you may find that your ‘friend’ becomes that very special significant other. No better person to marry than your best friend!!!!

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