A New Kind of Vintage Hankie Scarf

White Scarf with embroidered flowers
White Layered Scarf with embroidered flowers

So I’m going through the hankies, ironing each one, trying to organize them.  I have a bunch of different piles going.  Big ones with lots of color, big ones that are all white, big white ones that have a small design on the corner, medium ones with lots of color, medium white ones and so on in all different sizes, round ones, stained or torn ones, ones that match and on and on it seemed to go.

Until I came upon one after another smallish white hankie with a delicate flower embroidered on the corner.  There were 10 or 11 of them, not enough to make a scarf the way I usually do.  Anyway, those precious flowers, they needed to be more visible.  They needed to be what the scarf was about.  I folded them into triangles and into rectangles, coming up with complicated solutions that didn’t work.  Why not keep it simple, like the flowers themselves. So I laid them out like slate on a roof or ruffles on a skirt,  overlapping half way, stitching the top of the lower hankie to the middle of the top hankie and covering the seam with the hankie above it.  The unstitched bottom of each hankie gives  it flow and the overlapping gives it body.  And each flower has enough space to be seen and not too much space to get  lost.  Below are some of the flowers on the scarf.

This scarf will be for sale at the Bedlam Farm Open House on Sunday.  Whatever I don’t sell at the show I will offer for sale on my website.

flower 1  flower 2 flower 3 flower 4 flower 5 flower 6

13 thoughts on “A New Kind of Vintage Hankie Scarf

  1. Beautiful. I bought hankies on a flee market last week with a vision (:-))to do something like your scarfs. You are an inspiring girl you know.

  2. Hey Maria..did you see my email re this lovely piece? These handkerchieves look like my Grandmothers. Please keep me in mind if you do not sell this on Sunday…altho I know that’s not likely to happen.



  3. Hoping you continue to make these beauties. Takes me back to when I used my Grandma’s hankies to dress up my Barbies.

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