Getting Ready for Sunday at Bedlam Farm


Lots of Vintage Hankies
Lots of Vintage Hankies

I’m ironing and sorting my Vintage Hankies to prepare them for this Sunday at Bedlam Farm.  I’ll make a few scarves this week to sell at the Bedlam Farm Open House, and the rest will be sorted by size and color for people to go through and design their own scarf.  Kim will be in the studio sewing them together.  So along with everything else you can do at the farm on Sunday (from noon to 4pm)  you can see how my Vintage Hankie scarves are made.  To see what else will be going on at the farm on Sunday, click here or go to my Events page.

2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Sunday at Bedlam Farm

  1. That photo makes me so happy, Maria….especially the violets. My Mum carried violets when she married my Dad, thus people always gave her violet related gifts. It was a very happy marriage, yielding 7 happy children!

    1. It’s such a pretty one and it’s round Marcia. A wedding bouquet of violets is a lovely image. I have one plate that belonged to my grandmother that has violets on it. It’s chipped, and used but I love it.

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