Shipping and Shit

shipping and

I’m starting to get nervous,  it’s 11am I haven’t blogged yet and I just got into my studio.   It’s not like I slept late, I answered my emails, packed up some potholders for shipping then Jon and I went to town.  First to the post office then to distribute the flyers I made last night for the Bedlam Farm Open House.  I put a poster on the bulletin board at the Post Office and over heard a woman telling Wendy about how she was cleaning out her Aunts house.  The Aunt had   lived through the Depression, she saved everything.   Drawers filled with tiny stacks of used nail files with rubberbands around them.  Closets stuffed with coats, a tissue in every pocket, and a tooth pick in every purse.  Once in line the  woman ahead of me  told of her near death experience and how she now preaches to live every day as if it’s your last.  She was on her way to a week long vacation.

On to Battenkill Books where I walked in the front door and almost stepped on a bunch of kids sitting on the floor for summer reading hour.  Startled, I turned around and walked out without leaving a flyer for the window.  The Bulletin Board at the bank was filled up.  I stood in front of it for what seemed like hours trying to decide how to fit my flyer in without covering up someone else’s flyer.   The Library was closed.  At the Cambridge Co-0p I showed the flyer to Kim, (she called me just a few minutes before to tell me she finished assembling my potholders for the show) who  promised to come over on Saturday with her sewing machine to get her set up for Sunday and her scarf demos.  I easily found an open spot on the Co-op Bulletin Board to pin my flyer,  whoosh… things were getting better.   On the way back, Jon braved the bookstore and the kids and left a couple of flyers for Connie to put in her window. Then to Kim’s  house to pick up the potholders. Alex, Kim and Jacks giant yellow Lab came running out the door to greet me and I handed Jack the check in exchange for the pink shopping bag of potholders.  Jon and Jack talked air conditioners as I  peaked in the pink bag, oh don’t they look pretty!  Thank you Kim.

Back in the driveway I moan, “Do you think I have enough time to do everything?”  “Don’t do this,” Jon says, “it’s a choice, It’s the old fear.”  Yes, didn’t I just read something about that.  Wasn’t I just saying to Jon, after reading his blog this morning, “Remember how we used to be afraid all the time?”  So, that feeling under my skin, like a moth darting around a light bulb at night, that’s the old stuff.  Shake it off and turn the fear to excitement, this Sunday is going to be fun.

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  1. I LOVE the title of this blog!!! And your description of your morning SO makes me feel the familiar panic of everything coming from all directions at once and feeling like you’re going backwards. The feeling will pass and you will get done. What doesn’t get done…won’t get done, and the sun will still come up in the morning again.

  2. I love your blog posts. They are earthy; I can relate to them. You may be married to a writer, but you do a wonderful job yourself. I also love your creativity. 🙂

  3. Roger and I are looking forward to coming out – a nice day trip to get us out of Dodge. I have some fabric for you that I will bring with me. I’m pretty sure you’ll find good use for it! 🙂 It needs a good home and someone creative to lavish attention on it. And, by giving the fabric to you, it will give me more storage space for fiber and yarn!

  4. This Sunday is going to be awesome! Jon’s right ~ give in to excitement. All of us who are going are excited, so you should be too!! No preconceived notions of what to expect ~ we read your blogs and we aren’t expecting a circus. We are expecting to share a little piece of your lives. Well…. ok, the donkeys will entertain us and certainly Red will with his herding! And if the pigs get out down the road, just think of all the help you’ll have! 🙂

    But this is sharing your space with us for a little while and welcoming us to your sphere. It’s going to be fun to wander around this lovely space we read so much about.

    And it will be good experience for September when the Open Group contingent arrives! It sounds like Tess wants to party!! LOL

  5. I have been following your husband’s and your websites since this spring, when I also became sick with Lyme. I really admire yours and his work. When he posted today that you are moving to Vermont, I was wondering if it is North Bennington, Vermont. Our god-daughter lives there, she works in the Veteran’s nursing home on Thursdays, and also for Vermont Arts Exchange. Too many coincidences if this is where you are going-I believe in serendipity! If it doesn’t exist, Well, I still like the word and your work.

  6. I’ve come to think you are the coolest thing at Bedlam Farm. I think I know a true artist when I see one and I see one when I look at you.

    Congratulations on your recent anniversary; and thank you for sharing some of the beautiful moments.

    Best to both of you.


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