The Sunflower Out My Window

sunflower out my window

The sunflower that grew from the seeds falling out of the bird feeder began to open its sweet face this morning.  Now instead of the birds at the feeder I get to look at a sunflower while I’m sewing.

3 thoughts on “The Sunflower Out My Window

  1. Maria – you’re so lucky that your sunflower seeds had the chance to sprout. Usually, the chipmunks and squairrels around here eat them as fast as they fall out of the feeder or as fast as we intentionally plant them and so we never have the chance to see them grow!

    1. I grow my sunflowers in pots till they’re about 10″ tall, by then those who like to munch on them seem to lose interest. This one was completely grown by Mother Nature, Susan.

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