Scarves, Scarves, Scarves…..

Iris in her Vintage Hankie Scarf
Iris in her Vintage Hankie Scarf

Oh the delight my scarves must feel when they get to wrap themselves around the shoulders of all the beautiful and amazing women who wear them.   This is Kris’ mom Iris.  She wears that scarf well, but I have a feeling she looks good no matter what she chooses to wear.

I’ve spent the last two days, sorting and ironing hankies and sewing scarves for the Bedlam Farm Open House .  I have six done and ready to be sold.   Kim will be in my School House Studio  on Sunday sewing a few more, with your choice of hankies.

(I can’t help smiling whenever I look at this picture of Iris)

7 thoughts on “Scarves, Scarves, Scarves…..

  1. Maria, my mom is always dressed up with her hair and makeup perfect.Hardly ever wears the same thing twice. The whole 3 weeks my step dad was in the hospital she dressed up. All the nurses and doctors always complimented her every day. But this is the way she’s always been. She is a lot like you too. Very gentle spirit. The way I would love to be myself. I love my momma.

    1. She sounds like a wonderful person Kris and such style. I’m sorry for the loss both she and you are going through. Your mom’s impressive.

  2. What a lovely lady. She has draped the scarf beautifully. It always touches my heart when I hear someone say “I love my momma ” (in a warm and sad way for me. But that’s ok.)

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