The First Bedlam Farm Open House Sunday July 21st

My work for Sunday
My work for Sunday

Potholders, pillows and scarves.  I’m ready for Sunday.  Well, kinda.  I finished all the potholders, pillows and scarves that I’ll have in the show, but now it’s time to transform my School House Studio into my School House Gallery.

I was up at 3am thinking about just how I would do that.  I have some ideas, my potholders and some of Kim Gifford’s photo collages hanging on the walls.  Jane McMillen’s Hen’s and pincushions will go on some of the shelves where my fabric now is.  Kim McMillan will be sitting at my  desk with her sewing machine making Vintage Hankie scarves. (I know the names are a bit confusing, there’s two Kims and a McMillen and McMillan)  I’m still not quite sure how I’ll display the scarves I already made.  I’m thinking of the antique drying rack, maybe they’ll be outside, I guess it depends on how windy it is.  Thankfully, the heat wave is supposed to break on Saturday with rain and  Sunday will be a beautiful dry day in the 80’s.  Fran’s Mini Gardens will be just outside my studio amongst the hostas ( and holes that Frieda has been digging).  Some of Kim’s matted drawings will be outside too.  Jon’s note cards and Kim’s note cards will be inside the “gallery”.

I can picture people lined up along the fence watching Red herd the sheep.  Poet Mary Kellogg and writers Diane Fiore and Kim Gifford  reading from their works under the shade of the giant maples, in the dog run (we’ll be sure to give it a good cleaning before Sunday).  In the front yard, Kim’s husband, Jack (of all trades) is helping with the parking and keeping an eye on the house.  The donkeys are lined up at the gate, waiting for Jon to bring the next group of visitors to meet them.  Lenore, or course, is greeting everyone within a mile of the Farm.

So if you haven’t made plans already, and you’re close enough to Bedlam Farm to visit this coming Sunday, please do.  The Bedlam Farm Open House is from Noon to 4pm on July 21st.  We don’t have any food or bathrooms, but there’s plenty of both nearby at Momma’s Restaurant, just north of the Farm or  at the Round House Cafe in the town of Cambridge.  What we will have is Sheep herding Demos with Jon and Red, Art and Readings by local artists and writers, and a chance to meet the donkeys, and dogs (and cats and chickens if they don’t decide to hide) who live at Bedlam Farm.  Take home a pincushion, a potholder or a print.  Visit Connie and Marilyn at  Battenkill Books and bring a book to the farm for Jon to sign. Or just come and enjoy the day at Bedlam Farm.

For more details about what’s happening and some other things to do and places to stay in the area click here.  Bedlam Farm is located at  2502 State Route 22 Cambridge NY 12816.  If you have any questions, just email me at [email protected].

And if you can’t make it this Sunday make plans to visit at the next open house on Sunday, September 1st.  Otherwise, you can follow the events of the day right here and on

7 thoughts on “The First Bedlam Farm Open House Sunday July 21st

  1. I only wish I lived close by…I am jealous of all that will be able to make your Open House.

    If you plan any next year, I will make a serious effort to come for sure.

    And just a reminder that I am lusting for the embroidered flower handkerchieves scarf if it’s not sold on Sunday. (No way that’s going to happen but I can dream, can’t I?)

    Thanks,Maria, for your art and your commentary.


  2. A bounty of riches! Do you keep a picture of all your projects? (Maybe a silly question, seeing as how I see them on your blog.)

    1. I do have them on my blog Pam and I have them on my computer. I feel like I take pictures of everything I make, but sometimes I’m looking for something I made and sold and can’t find a photo. But I try.

  3. I have my eye on the orange/brown pillow! We’re looking forward to the open house and the glorious weather that is promised for that day. It will be a terrific Sunday drive for us…

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