Empty Gallery, Filling Up

pot 1

I started by hanging my potholders on the big wall so you see them as soon as you walk into the studio.

pot 4

I grouped them by color, I didn’t plan it when I made them, but when I laid them all out it was obvious which potholders should go together.  I’m still waiting to get work from Jane  and Kim, so for now it’s just my work and Jon’s in the studio, I mean gallery.

jons photo

Another thing we didn’t plan was to have Jon’s photo of Queen Flo.   We both thought it would be fun to sell this piece at the show.  I hung it right above some of Jon’s note cards.


I solved the problem of how to show the scarves by placing a yard stick between two steel brackets and hanging the scarves from it, in front of my window so the light could shine through them.

Jane will drop off her work this evening and Kim Gifford  and Fran are coming with their work on Sunday morning.  Kim McMillan will be here to set up her machine tomorrow morning.

I still have to make labels and signs and oh all those other things I’ll remember as I do them.

10 thoughts on “Empty Gallery, Filling Up

  1. Oh just look at those scarves!! I don’t care that I have one already, if I could be there, there you would find me in that corner trying to decide which one I wanted!!

  2. Maria, it looks wonderful!!! So wish I could be there, but I’ve connected with someone from North Little Rock, near me, who is also in Jon’s new Open Group, and we’re thinking about a road trip next time!!
    I’m very happy to be able to see your two potholders in my kitchen and hope you guys have a wonderful day!!
    Syl in Northeast Arkansas

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