Empty Studio/Gallery

studio gallery 2

My empty studio.  I’ll unplug my sewing machine and vacuum the floor.  Then I’ll hang the first potholder on the wall, transforming my studio into a gallery.

6 thoughts on “Empty Studio/Gallery

  1. Looking good, Maria….such a beautiful floor. Wish I were coming to the open house, but life is always crazy busy at home when you live on Cape Cod in the summer.
    Have a wonderful time on Sunday. You are going to have some very happy visitors!

  2. it’s gonna be fabulous and people will love you guys and your beautiful art — wish I could be there — I’m sure there are lots of us out here feeling the same way — thanks for writing about it so we can feel like we’re part of the action — I send you my very best wishes 🙂

  3. The studio looks beautiful whether empty or full. I love all of your work and envy the magnificent, shiny walls and floors.. I wish my hardwood floors looked like yours.
    Maria, I just know that the Open House will be a huge success. Your friends and neighbors will be so proud of you. Since you live in such a unique and tight community, the day should be filled with joy and friendship. It will be a wonderful opportunity to meet so many of the people you only know through your blog and emails. I only wish I lived closer so that I could share in the experience. Maybe someday.
    I wish you great success in this endeavor in the new Bedlam Farm. Please give extra pats, as well as treats to all of the animals in what Jon calls the “Peaceable Kingdom.” Hugs and best wishes to both you and Jon. Remember that all of your work are things of beauty and a thing of beauty is a joy forever!!!!!
    Fondly, Jane

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