From Studio to Gallery

My Studio being transformed
My Studio being transformed into a gallery.

I started yesterday,  boxing up fabric to empty my shelves, moving furniture, (dragging those shelves around on a rug, the best way to move furniture if you’re a not so big person) throwing out garbage, sweeping up the dust and dog hair, stuffing stuff in drawers.  I have a fantasy of neatly folding the fabric that I left on the shelves which are bolted to the walls, but I’m not sure if I’ll get to it.  I know it would look so nice and add to the overall feel of the place, but I start to fold and get bored.  Maybe at the end of the day when there’s nothing left to do.  But right now I’m whirling like a dervish, my energy level high.  I’ll post more photos as I go.  There’s more room in here than I thought.  I’ll be able to hang my potholders and  Kim’s photo collages and have room left over.

7 thoughts on “From Studio to Gallery

  1. I see Freida in your studio. How do you keep dog/animal hairs and dander from getting on your material and sewing? Many people, myself included, are allergic to animals and could not buy a ‘contaminated’ quilt, pillow, potholder, scarf. Like needing food from a ‘peanut-free’ facility, we need art (especially material art) from an animal-free studio.

    1. I don’t Hannah. I have many big rolls of shipping tape that I use to get the noticeable hair off, but I don’t have a hair free facility.

  2. Oh, the things I’d like to say now. But I have my filter on so you’ll hear no response from me.

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