Almost Ready for the Bedlam Farm Open House Tomorrow

Okay, are you ready for the School House Gallery Tour.  It’s not completely done.  I still have to hang Kim Gifford’s work tomorrow when Kim brings it with her in the morning and Fran will be coming with her Mini Gardens ( those will be outside)  but I’m close.

So, you walk into the School House Gallery and this is what you see to the left.

Gallery 1

Go past the window and much loved air conditioner to see this:

Gallery 2

Keep walking…..and you’ll see that  corner is a bit empty.  It’s waiting for Kim’s work.

Gallery 3

That’s the pile of Vintage Hankies that people can choose from to design their own Vintage Hankie Scarf.  And that’s Kim McMillan’s sewing machine where she’ll  be sewing the scarves while you watch.

Gallery 4

Here’s a few close-ups of some of the work:

chair and pillows

I never did get to fold the fabric in my shelves.  These are a couple of the pillows I have for sale and Jane’s Felted Wool Heart pins on on the right.


This is the one photo of Jon’s that we’re selling at the show, “Queen Flo”.  And those are his note cards below it.

jane pin

Here’s some of Jane’s Door Stop Hens and pincushions.

Hope to see you at the First Bedlam Farm Open House tomorrow from 12-4pm.

15 thoughts on “Almost Ready for the Bedlam Farm Open House Tomorrow

  1. I would love to buy some of Jon’s animal note cards! When you have time could you tell me how to order them? I know you’re swamped right now with the open house. Thanks so much!!

    1. Jon had a couple of packs of notecards with the animals on them. I’ll post all Jon’s cards on my site later today or tomorrow Janet. Thanks

  2. Such a warm and lovely space! Thank you, Maria for posting this. I won’t be able to be there in person, but now feel likeI can in spirit.
    Does Jon sell a notecard of the Queen Flo photo? I wish I could afford the actual photo. it makes me smile every time I see it:-)

  3. Maria – it all looks FABULOUS! I wish I didn’t live so far away….I hope you and Jon have a wonderful Open House!

  4. Thank you for sharing these pictures. I love being able to visualize what your open house will look like so i can be there in spirit!

  5. Maria, the studio barn looks gorgeous!, all prepped and beautifully displayed works for your open house!
    Thanks for inviting us in, the ones who can’t make it this time. At least we can get a peek! Can’t wait to see it in person for the next open house.
    Enjoy your day!

  6. Maria, everything looks beautiful! You may have wanted to fold the fabric, but visually it looks great. It helps to lend to the truth that in this studio works an artist who loves color, texture, shape, and art of all kinds. This artist is full of creativity and love. I bet at the end of the day, all of the work of the many artists who show here will be gone, moving on to homes that will welcome them with open arms and eyes that will enjoy their beauty for days to come. Have a successful Open House. How fortunate are those who come to bathe in the love that is Bedlam Farm.

  7. Hi Maria,
    Glad to hear your open house was a smashing success. :)) Please let me know if you have any remaining scarves. I would definitely be interested in purchasing one or two. Thanks so much! Luanne

  8. We enjoyed the open house and seeing you, Jon and all the critters. Roger took some photos, including several of you, Jon, Red and the sheep. He also took some of the donkeys, the chickens and several general scenic views. As soon as he downloads them, I’ll forward to you to share with Jon (and blog readers, if you like). Roger was thrilled to purchase a chicken potholder for his grandaughter who will officially be a teenager in early August. She’s raising chickens now and she’ll love the embroidered chicken and message of independence. BTW, some of the fabric in the 2 bags I brought includes a couple of skirts that no longer fit me. They’re in perfect shape and I think the fabric is really neat. Up to you whether they continue to be skirts or are turned into something else. Some of the fabric is upholstery grade, purchased from a factory near where I live that makes Stickley Furniture. I’ve used similar fabric for all sorts of things, including wall hangings, patchwork and tote bags. Hope you have fun with it!

    1. Thanks Susan, I’d love to see the photos Roger took. And it was so nice to see you both even though I didn’t get to talk to you much. I still haven’t had a chance to look through the fabric, but I will today.

  9. Maria your studio/gallery looked beautiful (and pretty empty by the late afternoon!). It was lovely to get to spend some time there. I love my scarf ~ I’ll have someone take a picture so you can see it on! Hope you enjoyed the day as much as we all did. My friend needed to get home, so we had to leave before I had a chance to see you and say thanks. They are coming back with their husbands to the next one and I know Amy wants to get some things from you in September! I posted some photos on FB ~ I love the one of you and Jon together and the one of Jon in the field with a big smile. I know that you and Jon wore yourselves out getting ready, but the simplicity of the day was wonderful! See you in September if not before!!

    1. Thanks Candy, It was so nice to have you and your friends there. I’m glad you got to choose the hankies and design your own scarf.

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