An Online Show?

A pack of Kim's note cards, Fran's Mini Garden and Jane's orange pincushion
One of Kim’s note cards, Fran’s Mini Garden and Jane’s orange pincushion

These are some of the goodies that I got at Bedlam Farm yesterday.  That’s one of Kim’s notecards, (I got a pack of 8).  The mini garden Fran gave to me.  And the Orange pincushion I bought from Jane. (Jon and I also Adopted one of Jane’s Doorstop Hens. Her name is Anna Cona)

I have a few potholders and scarves from the show that I’ll be posting for sale later today.  I was also thinking of having an online show for everyone who can’t make it to Bedlam Farm.  I’m starting to figure that one out.  Could be fun.


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  1. I have adopted Madame Atilla the Hen. She’s settling in well. It was slow going at first. Let’s post our Hen’s pictures!

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