It’s My Studio Again

One of my very neat, if only for a little while, shelves
One of my very neat, if only for a little while, shelves

Well, I did it. Just about anyway.  I did get all the boxes emptied and all the fabric folded on shelves.   The rest of my studio is still a bit unorganized, but It’s going to have to do.  I’m done for now and tomorrow I plan on working on my Butterfly Quilt.  I started it a couple of weeks ago then got hung up on getting ready for the open house.  It will be the perfect way for me to spend the next two days and next week I’ll start on something new.  I’m looking forward to that, especially since going through all my fabric, I have  a very good idea of what’s on my shelves.  I already have some ideas.

My School House Studio, back to it's messy old self.

My School House Studio, back to it’s messy old self.  I never did get to neaten up those shelves against the wall.


6 thoughts on “It’s My Studio Again

  1. Studios should never be completely neat, Maria. How would we be creative without some messiness around? Looks great!!

  2. Maria, It’s likely a good thing that you had to clean up your studio in order to find out exactly what you have in there and as you put it back, you find old friends you’d forgotten you had. New ideas come from a broom that sweeps clean.

    You should see the mess in my studio right now. It’s closing in on me. When I have little space to walk through it, it’s time to clean up. I call it ‘hitting critical mass’.

    I love your wooden floor. It looks very cosy in there.
    SandyP in Canada

  3. Looking good Maria! For us quilters there are more reasons to sort and fold your fabric than neatness. Its the chance to touch and play and stimulate ideas and dream what that fabric can become. You find lost bits buried that are just the right thing to spark a whole new project. Quilters love fabric and petting it is important too. It makes both the quilter and the fabric happy and that makes great projects and art. so don’t think of fabric folding as a chore, its the first step in creativity and love.
    The rest of the place can be a mess, creative minds are not always orderly and thank goodness for that.
    Glad the open house was a success, Im just sorry I was too far away to come. Cheers, Kate

    1. it’s really true Kate. I always get ideas when I got through my fabric. Now that I think of it, that’s one way I begin a lot of my quilts. I never made the connection before. I think I’m going to look at folding and now even the new idea of petting my fabric differently. Thanks!

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