Magic Hankies

The bag of Hankies given to me this morning
The bag of Hankies given to me this morning

Athena handed me the shopping bag full of hankies.  She told me they were from Elizabeth, who saw Kim sewing scarves at the Open House.   My mouth dropped open.  Jon and I were planning on going to antique shops this weekend to look for Vintage Hankies.   But it seems whenever my supply gets low, some hankies magically appear.

I actually only bought hankies once.  I’ve traded for them and some people just give them to me, sometimes a box full, sometimes two or three.    The nice part about it is then I don’t have to charge more for the scarves I make out of  them.  If I had to buy the hankies I’d have to pass that expense onto the customer.  But so far I haven’t had to do that.   I’m beginning to think there’s an endless supply of Vintage Hankies, in dresser draws,  in tin boxes on high shelves in  closets or  in bags tucked away in attics all over America,  waiting to be rediscovered and made into scarves, table runners, quilts and curtains.   I can see them stirring in their boxes after years of being forgotten, calling out, like the Whos in Whoville, hoping someone will hear them, finally letting the light in.  So thanks Elizabeth and everyone else who has shared their hankies,  not just with me, but with everyone who buys one of my scarves.

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  1. I have been delighted,to see your handkerchief scarves. I made these many years ago for myself and my sister and now I think I’ll start again!.(Not commercially so no invasion of your turf!) I also made lavender bags and a pair of bathroom curtains one time. I also used to make bandana shirts with triangular points down the sleeves and the front and back–almost no sewing needed and looked great with blue jeans.

    Back in the 80s and 90s there were alway bundles of these in estate sales and garage sales and I still have many to play with. I do separate the linen from the cotton. I especially like the ones which have borders crocheted and tatted with such loving care–hours of work which deserve be put to a further use and displayed. I once taught tatting as a museum class and so many women joined, wanting to know how to use a tatting shuttle but it is so time consuming that I don’t do it for myself.

    1. I believe ideas are in the air and we catch them or not when they come to us. I find it so interesting that you were making scarves years ago. Sounds like you have lots of good ideas Erika.

  2. HAHAHA good one Maria, I can hear mine at home calling out like the Whos in Whoville now – I better go let them out! Beautiful way to honor the old things we never want to throw out but don’t know what to do with, bravo!

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