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Sara at her computer
Sara at her computer, on the screen saver is her watercolor “Gathering Flock”

Every now and then I need something from my local bead shop.  Yes, Cambridge, little town though it is, has a bead shop called Over the Moon Beads.   The last few times I was there I noticed that Heather, who owns the shop, often has a running conversation with a mysterious voice which comes from the back room. I’ve never seen this person in the back room and have visions of OZ when I’ve encountered it.  Not that it’s a booming voice preceded by smoke, just that it’s mysterious.  But today, I got to meet the woman in the back room.   Because  along with delivering a bag of Hankies this morning, Athena also told me about Sara Kelly.

You see, at my weekly meeting at the Round House this morning, I told Mandy and Athena about Betsy’s comment about buying local.  Betsy,  who owns a printing shop was basically disturbed when I mentioned that I was going to use Vistaprint to print my business cards.  It was the directness of her comment that got me thinking.  She wrote,   “To be honest, when I hear of Vistaprint, it makes me crazy! 100 postcards (color I assume) for $10?”   I could hear the exasperation in her voice and understand it.  Not only did I think she was right (why hadn’t I thought of having someone local do it?) but I loved the idea of not having to do it myself.  I would gladly pay someone who knew what they’re doing to do the job.  It’s not something I enjoy doing, I’m not good at it and I don’t really want to spend the time learning how to do it and yes, I do want to support local businesses.

So I went online to find a printer and the most local one was an hour away.  Not what I had in mind.  But this morning, over ginger tea and strawberry scones, I told Mandy and Athena about Betsy.  Sara Kelly, the both agreed, without hesitation,  was the woman to see.  I wasted no time, this afternoon I went to Over the Moon Beads and asked to see the woman in the back room.  It wasn’t as daunting as I imagined it, a small space with sage colored walls brightly lit by one window and a very friendly Sara Kelly, owner of Over the Moon Graphics, who I recognized from…where?  Oh, just around town I guess.  She recognized me too.

It was simple, so delightfully easy.  I handed Sara the banner that I sewed for the header of my Website and give her one of my old business cards so she’d have the information and that was it.  She scanned the banner and gave it back to me and said she’d email me a photo of what the card would look like in a few days. Then we could have them printed at the local print shop. (Which was not online and is directly across from the Post Office.  How did I never see it before?)  I was I nearly floated out of the shop,  thrilled that soon I would have new business cards and all I had to do was approve Sara’s design, pay for them and pick them up when they were done.  And I’d be shopping locally too.  Good idea Betsy.


11 thoughts on “Over the Full Moon Business Cards

  1. So happy to hear that you had a good experience getting your cards done locally. And by the way, it’s “Becky”.

    1. Ya know Becky, I had your name as Becky when I first wrote the blog, then thought it was wrong and changed it to Betsy. I do think I’m loosing it.

  2. Wonderful Maria! I’m so happy this all came together. I love that little bead shop, it’s so much fun just to drop in and look around. Of course I never just look ….. 🙂

  3. I really think you’ll love your cards Maria! I went to the web site and it’s great. Did you read the post on the 10 Logos that went so horribly wrong? So funny. I love her art too!

  4. I’m assuming that Sarah also told you that the closest printer is A & M Printing which is across the street from the post office in town?? Sarah is great and fast and talented!

  5. We went to this bead shop when we were in town for the open house. Loved it! Bought some of her notecards and 2 pairs of earrings. Wish we had such a nice shop where we live. But now I know we can go to their website to order things. Lovely work and lovely material and lovely people.

  6. This is wonderful….So nice to support the work of neighbors. It is what community is all about, and I must put the bead shop on my places to visit sometime.

  7. Actually Maria, It’s not a website. Sorry. It is her FB Page. Down a bit there’s a link with “10 Logos that went terribly wrong”. Really funny! Have a great weekend, Cindy

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