Tortilla Goddess Warms My Heart


What a perfect place for this potholder to hang.   It’s like looking out your window and seeing the chickens at the bird feeder.  The bottles on Leah’s window are so lovely to look at too.  And is that my imagination or is there a dog looking in the window on the bottom right of the photo?

sarah tortilla (1)

I altered Sarah’s potholder a bit and made it into a tortilla warmer.  It has a pocket in the back where the torilla slips in and keeps warm.  Of course the Tortilla Goddess helps too.

2 thoughts on “Tortilla Goddess Warms My Heart

  1. Maria, you are right that does look like a dog in the picture, but I have no idea what that is. Unless it is the spirit of my Airedale that passed away a few years ago, it does look kinda like her.

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