I Choose To Be Grateful

fortunate me

How fortunate I feel to come into my studio this Monday morning and have work waiting for me to do.  A quilt and pillow to finish, (both sold) a folder thick with requests for Vintage Hankie Scarves, and a handful  of potholder orders to fill.  And best of all my deadlines are loose enough, so that when an idea comes to me that demands to be created, I can take the time to work on it.  Then,  when all my orders are filled I have work to make for the next Open House in September (only a month away).

I could be panicking, thinking I’ll never get it all done.  I have felt this way in the past and will probably feel it again, but right now, this morning, all I feel is grateful.  Grateful for my work and for everyone who wants to buy it and for everyone who wants to look at it on my website.   And grateful to know that I can choose between feeling panic or feeling grateful.  This morning I choose to be grateful.

12 thoughts on “I Choose To Be Grateful

  1. Teddy Roosevelt once said:
    Far and away the best prize that life has to offer is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.
    That quote hangs above my desks at home and in my classroom – how lucky we both are to do work that fill us both with gratitude and joy!

  2. Maria, Commission work can place a lot of pressure on an artist and yet, here you have such a wonderful connection and rapport with people that your work is not onerous but one of great personal satisfaction. For this, one may be grateful. For waking up in the morning and being on the right side of the grass, I tell people now, I’m grateful. To have your customers share their pictures with you, with your specially made items in their forever home settings, is fun for others to see. I especially love the coloured glassware in the picture contributed to your website by a happy customer. What you and Jon are doing is, to me, all about sharing…sharing of yourselves and of your gifts, your’s made by hand and machine; his through the gift of an artist’s eye. And even better when those you give to, give back to you in the way of photographs and words.

    SandyP in Canada

  3. Maria – I choose to be grateful too. I have work until September 30, with a possibility of more past that. I have always chosen not to panic, rather have said that I can do this, even when the work was something I had never done before. Mind you, I never was alone before, but the premise is the same.

  4. Maria, before actually reading your post, I smiled at its title “I choose to be grateful” and thought “Wow, I need to post that at my work station- what an inspirational reminder”. After reading your post I imagined your title on a potholder,bringing the positive enegy of its message from your Schoolhours studio out into the world….

  5. Grateful to know you and to have some of your precious work! Keep on, keeping on, Maria! You are a joy!

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