Sunflowers out my window

sunflower out my window

During the winter months the sun lights up the four windows on the south side of my studio.  Sometimes it gets so bright I have to put up a piece of fabric so I can see what I’m sewing.  So when I planted the sunflowers out those four windows, I knew they’d get lots of sun, especially in the mornings.  I didn’t think about the shade that the leaves on the big old maples that surround my studio would make and I didn’t consider that the sun would be at a different angle in the sky.  The soils probably not the best either, but the sunflowers I planted are just starting to bloom.  They are not the giants that are growing in front of the house, although they are from the same pack of seeds, but they’re just the perfect height for me to see their small faces out my window.  This is the first one to open, worshiping the sun, following it’s every move.

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