Vintage Lace and Hankie Scarf

Lace and Vintage Hankie scarf
Vintage Lace and Hankie scarf

Like trying to remember the answer to one of those  online security questions the bank gives you, I was looking for a certain hankie.  A seemingly simple question like, Where were you born? can send me into a panic.  Did I originally answer, a  hospital? the name of the hospital? the town I grew up in? the town the hospital was in?  Who knows!  Like the hankie I couldn’t find, the answer could be any of those or something completely different. So I tried to go back in my mind to the days before the Open House when I was cleaning out my studio and think where I might have put that hankie.  It was different from the other hankies, a lot bigger, so I wanted to keep it separate.  When I didn’t find it in the places i thought I might have put it, I just started looking everywhere.  I knew I couldn’t rely on my mind anymore (once I found my car keys in the freezer) so I just started on one side of my studio and looked everywhere, even in the most improbable places. I eventually found the hankie and used it in a scarf so I wouldn’t lose it again, but in my search I also found this long, flowy, pretty piece of lace. I remember when I got it, it had smaller pieces that matched it,  like doilies, that I used in a quilt.  Now I could see this piece working beautifully in a scarf.

And that’s just what I did when I came into the studio this morning.  I made a scarf from that piece of lace and some trim that came with the fabric from Laura Israel and some hankies.   I sewed the trim onto the edges of the lace and backed it with a layer of hankies.

Detail of the lace, trim and hankies in the scarf.
Detail of the lace, trim and hankies in the scarf.

This scarf is for sale.  It’s Sold $45 + $7 shipping in the US ($11 shipping to Canada) .  If you’re interested, just email me here or at


13 thoughts on “Vintage Lace and Hankie Scarf

  1. You’ve outdone yourself…..this is so beautiful!!
    I laughed at keys in the fridge….I’ve done that stuff, too, and remind myself often to not put things away for safe-keeping without notes.

  2. I love this scarf ~ knew it would be sold as soon as I saw it!! Somebody is lucky indeed.
    And I relate to losing things ~ I still haven’t found my book of passwords for websites that I put away safely before vacation. I’m having to create all new ones.

  3. OMG… This is gorgeous! Feel free to consider doing a long one like this for me. Whatever. I might as well be shooting ‘hanky-heroin’ into my arms…I am so enamored.

  4. Oh my! Maria, you’ve outdone yourself with this scarf! Truly, it is exquisite! (Note all of the exclamation marks!) I’m too late, as I see you’ve already sold it, but if you happen to make another similar to this, I’d dearly love to purchase it. The lace is lovely and so delicate … well…just beautiful.

  5. So elegant, would be lovely to wear to a summer wedding. Except it would upstage the bride’s gown.

  6. Oh Maria! The time it took you to find the hankie so that you also found this lace was well worth it!! I think this is your most beautiful scarf so far! (but I’ve thought that before!! Your most beautiful work is always ahead of you) And you are so right about CHOOSING to be grateful, I am certain that is part of your creative secret, being grateful seems to free the brain to see all things fresh and new. Annie

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